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Mersey Gateway – Have you registered yet?

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Mersey Gateway – Have you registered yet?


This Autumn a new six lane toll bridge over the River Mersey that links the towns of Runcorn and Widnes is due to be opened to help relieve congestion and traffic over the ageing Silver Jubilee Bridge.

Since registration opened last month over 25,000 drivers have registered for toll discounts on the new Mersey Gateway and Silver Jubilee bridges.

Registering is the only way you can claim any discounts and, or free travel if you qualify for it. To register visit  or alternatively call: 01928 878878

Work began on the new Mersey Gateway Project back in May 2014 and it is believed to have cost in the region of £1.75bn.

Originally named the ‘Bridge to Prosperity’ it is hoped that the new toll bridge will;

  • reductions in some journey times of up to 10 minutes in peak periods,
  • increase in journey time reliability and less congestion,
  • 80% less traffic using the Silver Jubilee Bridge, freeing it up for use as a local bridge, and
  • a major strategic new transport route linking the Liverpool city-region and the north west to the rest of the country.

It will also deliver social benefits to communities in and around Halton including:

  • improvements to public transport facilities,
  • improvements to walking and cycling facilities, and
  • improved health as a result of reduced air pollution.