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Our Moffett Fleet just keeps on growing!

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Our Moffett Fleet just keeps on growing!

moffett june

We have just received delivery of another Moffett to further expand our fleet and provide more options for our customers up and down the UK.

We are fast becoming the ‘go to’ company in the North West for Moffett deliveries and our award winning team are ready to help you get your deliveries where they need to be – safe, secure and on time!

The truck mounted forklift vehicles mean that we can deliver to remote sites and locations where there are no facilities for unloading. The reliable and durable Moffett vehicles are perfect for locations where access is restricted or the terrain is too rough for a standard forklift.

At Freight First we listen to our customers and the ever increasing demand for Forklift truck mounted vehicles means this won’t be the last Moffett we bring in, so watch this space!

Currently all our Moffett’s are mounted onto Artic trucks, however we now have on order a new Rigid Moffett that will be mounted on our 26tonne Rigid trucks and should be available by Autumn of this year. This will help ensure even easier access to some of those trickier sites where an artic is just too large.

If you need to book one of our Moffett trucks or need any further information then contact our team of experts on: 0844 415 0005 or email:

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