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We did it! 100% Customer satisfaction

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We did it! 100% Customer satisfaction

100 customer satisfaction

Last month we reported that we had gone from 94% of our customers being delighted or satisfied with our service to 99% customer satisfaction. We also mentioned that despite being extremely pleased and rather proud of that 99%; there was still 1% room for improvement…..

Well we are delighted to say that we did it! For the month of July 100% of our customers were either delighted or satisfied with the service that they received from Freight First.

Of that 100%, a massive 97.5% of them were delighted with our service!

We find that the feedback we receive from our customers is invaluable, as it helps us to fine tune our service anyway that we can, which in turn helps us with our aim of delivering a world class service every time that leaves our customers not just satisfied but delighted with our service.

We carefully analyse every comment and every piece of feedback and share with our team on a daily basis. Due to the positive comments we receive regarding our service this is proving to be a great motivation tool as it helps our dedicated team know that their hard work and efforts in going that extra mile to find solutions do not go unnoticed.

We would like to thank all of our drivers, office staff and of course our wonderful customers for their valuable and kind feedback.

If there is any aspect of our service that you feel we can improve on then please do let us know and we will look at it immediately. Please email with your suggestions.


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